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Perinatal Services

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We specialize in providing health care services for high-risk pregnancies. Our staff includes obstetricians with expertise in maternal-fetal medicine, specially trained sonographers, skilled obstetrical nurses, registered dieticians with expertise in diabetes and genetics counselors.

Comprehensive Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are an important part of prenatal care. At the Perinatal Center, our specialists provide advanced diagnostic ultrasounds to diagnose fetal disorders and follow both mother and fetal health during pregnancy.

Management and Co-Management for Women with Medical Conditions

Women with pre-existing medical conditions who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant may require additional care and monitoring. Our comprehensive team offers management of these conditions and multidisciplinary care and treatment for high-risk moms and their babies.

Management and Co-Management for Women with Fetal Conditions

If fetal health problems are detected during pregnancy, we can monitor these conditions throughout your baby’s growth and development to ensure the safest possible delivery.

Management and Co-Management for Women with Pregnancy-Related Conditions

Sometimes pregnancy problems arise — even in healthy women. Whether the problem is common, complicated or rare, The Perinatal Center offers extensive care and support to help manage conditions that may come up during pregnancy.

Diabetes Education

Whether diabetes is a pre-existing condition or it has developed during pregnancy, we offer educational support and guidance to families to help manage diabetes and prevent complications.

Pre-Conceptual Counseling

The goal of pre-conceptual counseling is to identify important issues and risk factors before conception to minimize complications during pregnancy. Planning before pregnancy gives you and your baby the healthiest, best start.

Comprehensive high-risk care
for you and your baby

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