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10 tips to relieve morning sickness

Avoid Morning Sickness

Pregnancy can be an amazing experience for women. But the morning sickness that comes along with it? Not so much.

Here are 10 tips to help relieve morning sickness when you’re feeling queasy.

  1. Stay hydrated. It can be difficult when it seems like your stomach won’t keep anything down, but it’s essential for you to get your eight glasses of water a day. The more dehydrated you become, the more nauseated you become.

  2. Use lemon or peppermint in your water. In addition to staying hydrated, adding a little bit of lemon or peppermint to your water can help ease the tummy.

  3. Sniff something fresh. Morning sickness is often associated with smells. When you can’t find an opportunity to get away for fresh air, take a whiff of something fresh and clean that won’t further agitate your nausea.

  4. Eat something… slowly. Having an empty stomach can often make your morning sickness worse. So if you feel up to it, try to eat something small. In general, crunchy carb-rich snacks like pretzels, cereal and crackers tend to work best.

  5. Distract yourself. When you’re feeling ill, try to find something that requires little thought but can take your mind away from your morning sickness. Read the newspaper or a book, do a crossword puzzle, or maybe tackle some of those work emails.

  6. Brush your teeth. If you’re feeling icky after a trip to the bathroom, brush your teeth. Getting the bad tastes out of your mouth can help you to feel refreshed.

  7. Carry your morning sickness must-haves. This may include a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum or mints. It’s not a bad idea to throw some ginger ale and saltine crackers in there as well.

  8. Lie down. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. If you’re in a position that allows you to step away and lie down, take advantage of that. Even a few minutes of rest and deep breathing can help you regroup.

  9. Speak up! If there are smells in your home that bother you, speak up to your partner, your kids, and your friends about. That way, they understand where you’re coming from.

  10. Call your provider. If you’re feeling sick all the time and can’t seem to keep anything down, it’s best to call your doctor. Some women experience severe morning sickness. Your doctor may be able to help you figure out a safe way to it.